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Guests Wining & Dining At The Cedaredge Lodge ning Menu

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Round out your Lodge experience with a fine meal and a journey through our international drink menu! While our food is genuine delicious, all american
wholesome fare, our wine list features selections from near and far. Cordials and after dinner drinks are explored as a gracious touch from a by gone era.
If you prefer a premium spirit on the rocks, we can accomodate you. Whatever your pleasure, we encourage you to relax, kick your feet up and enjoy your
"Wining and Dining" experience at The Cedredge Lodge Resort. Our varied offerings will surely tempt you to try something new!






Indulge in finest quality wines produced in South Eastern Australia, chosen especially as our
House Wine at the Lodge!

The Lodge House Wines
By the glass $7.00 ___By the Bottle $21.00

Chardonnay * Merlot * Carmenere * Malbec * Ruby Port
Moscatto * White Zinfandel * Chardonnay * Sauvignon Blanc

The Lodge Wine Collection By the bottle $27.00
We maintain an ever evolving selection of fine Red White and Sparkeling wines.
Be adventurous and try something new! Ask to see our currrent list.


Beer & Malted Drinks $3.50
Coors & Coors Light
Blue Moon
Full Sail Amber & Full Sail Pale

Top Shelf Spirits $6.00
Whiskey & Scotch
Gin * Vodka * Tequila * Rum
Bourbon & Honeyed Bourbon
Rum & Spiced Rum
Tequila & Gin

Aperitif's, Digestives and Cordials $6.00
Barenjager Honey & Bourbon

Dolce Nero * Irish Cream Liqueur
Grand Marnier * Amaretto
Rum Chatta & White Cream deCoco
Limoncello Limon Liqueur
Peach, Apricot, Banana Schnapps
Agavero Tequila Liqueur

Mixed Drinks and Cocktails
Single $8.00 * Pitcher $25.00

Vodka - Black Magic * Black Russian * Cape Codder * Cosmo * Mesa Mudslide
Rum - Cuba Libre * Daiquiri * Cedaredge Zombie
Tequila - Brave Bull * Tequila Sunrise * Paloma * Margarita
Gin - Gin & Tonic * Orange Blossom * Gin Martini
Whiskey - Godfather * Whiskey Sour * Highball * 7&7
Spiked Hot Coffee or Chocolate - Whiskey * Rum Chatta * Amareto * Irish Cream
Ask about your favorites!
Tonic Water
Vanilla Ice Cream

Platters $12.95
Giant Grilled Chicken & Veggie Nacho Platter
Loaded Chips and Salsa Basket
Imported Cheese and Cracker Platter
Hand Dipped Chocolate Fruits and Homemade Chocolate Platter




























































To View The Cedaredge Lodge Health Department Inspection Report Click Here

You will be glad you stayed long enough to enjoy a fine meal from the Lodge Kitchen and a selection from our Lodge Drink Menu. The Lodge Menu has
evolved to include guest's favorites lovingly prepared to order with the freshest ingredients. Meals are never made in advance, pre-frozen, boxed or canned.
It'll take us a little longer to prepare your meal(s), but we promise it'll be worth the wait!!! A good meal is always better when it is served in a comfortable setting.
Here at the Lodge, we offer a variety of dining experiences: roomservice, social Lounge Deck dining, Al Fresco Dining in the Romance Garden, Fireside Rustic
dining, oh, and yes, Dinner in the Tree House. By reservation only, we offer an exclusive dining experience at the "Chef's Table". Enjoy a roaring fire and pre-dinner
drink in the Lodge Lounge while we prepare your first course. Interact with us while we cook and serve your meal, special taste treats, and extra helpings are the
highlights of the privileges of the Chef's Table!



The following are just a few of our (actual photographs) homemade menu items just to wet your appetite!!! WOW, RIGHT??? :-)

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The Lodge Kitchen Menu

Gianormous Saladaaa$15.95
(Includes bread, dessert & soft drink)

The Salad Bowl - A bushel of "FRESH" garden picked greens & herbs, a variety of veggies, seasonal fruit, croutons, cheese and grilled chicken.
Dressings: Homemade Honey Mustard * Homemade Spicy Balsamic Vinaigrette * Ranch * Italian * Thousand Island * Blue Cheese


Giant Burger & Friesbbb$15.95
(Includes dessert & soft drink)

1/2 pound beef burger smoked then grilled to a very flavorful conclusion, served with hand cut hearty white potatoes which are pan fried in a cast iron skillet
and lightly seasoned with
Gary's special blend of spices!!!


Grilled Hot Wings & Friesbb$15.95
(Includes dessert & soft drink)

1 full pound (10 - 12 wings) lightly smoked then grilled to savory perfection. They are fall off the bone tender with tons of flavor!!! Order then hot, mild or
sweet & spicy!!! Served with
hand cut hearty white potatoes which are pan fried in a cast iron skillet then lightly seasoned with Gary's special blend of spices!!!


Grilled Pork Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravym$24.95
(Includes salad, vegetable, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Our 1 1/4 inch thick cut premium pork steak is lightly smoked with hickory and is absolutely mouth wateringly juicy & tender. Served with "REAL HOMEMADE"
mashed potatoes & gravy.
Hugely delicious!!!


Grilled Chicken Breasts w/ Seasoned Basmati R$24.95
(Includes garden salad, vegetable, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Juicy & delicious boneless chicken breasts marinated & lightly seasoned with Gary's special blend of spices then grilled to perfection... Order your glaze on
the side... Regular,
Honey Maple Butter
, Citrus & Ginger or Bar-B-Que... Unbelievably good!!!


Grilled Chicken Fajitasmm$24.95
(Includes dessert & soft drink)

Marinated and then grilled to a flavorful conclusion... Includes 3 / 4 tortillas, peppers & onions, guacamole, salsa, sour cream & shredded cheese, served over
a bed of seasoned rice... Delicious!!!


Broiled Tilapia w/ Basmati Ricemmm$24.95
(Includes garden salad, vegetable, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Tilapia Fillets - Tender baked tilapia seasoned with garlic, onion and paprika. Served with naturally nutty flavored Jasmine rice and stir fried vegetables
touched with Italian herbs, fresh
lemon slices & delicious homemade regular or spicy tartar sauce...


*****c Our Award Winning Ribsc*****

Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribsmm$29.95
(Includes garden salad, smoked beans, baked sweet potato, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Original - Dry rubbed with Gary's own special blend of seasonings & spices then hickory smoked long & slow for hours. Order hot, medium, mild or
sauce on the side for mouth watering goodness and fall off the bone tenderness!!!

Sweet & Spicy - Marinated, basted then hickory smoked long and slow. "Sweet & Spicy" made with brown sugar, jalapenos, garlic, onions, peppers
& a hint of citrus... Mouth watering & tender!!!


"GIANT" 20oz. Bone-In Ribeye Steak xxx$39.95
(Includes garden salad, baked potato, vegetable, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Treat yourself to a "GIANT" 24oz. bone-in ribeye steak!!! Lightly smoked then grilled to perfection. Marinated, rubbed & loved to its delicious conclusion!!!


"Delicious" 10oz Filet Mignonxxx$39.95
(Includes garden salad, baked potato, grilled asparagus, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Indulge in the best of the best! We hand selected only the finest cuts that offer the superior qualities that a filet is known for. We use natural sea salts and cracked pepper to enhace the premium beef flavor, sear in the juices and finish to your specifications. Served with fresh bacon wrapped asparagus and a steaming baked potato.


REAL Homemade Meatloaf w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravymm$24.95
(Includes garden salad, (baked, broasted or mashed potatos), vegetable, bread, dessert & soft drink)

"REAL" Homemade meatloaf the way your mother used to make only better!!! Gary's love of cooking really shows in this moist & tender dish.


Grilled Chicken Fetticini Alfredomm$24.95
(Includes garden salad, vegetable, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Grilled Chicken Breasts - Juicy & delicious
boneless chicken breasts marinated & lightly seasoned with Gary's special blend of spices then grilled to perfection... Order Regular, Honey Maple, Citrus & Ginger or Bar-B-Q glaze. Unbelievable!!!


Amazing Beef Stewmm$19.95
(Includes garden salad, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Thick, chunky & packed with flavor... Total Yummy Goodness!!!


Amazing Chicken Pot Piemm$19.95
(Includes garden salad, bread, dessert & soft drink)

Unbelievable Chicken & Curry pot pie made with plenty of love and secret spices.


Large Hot Sidesmmm$8.95

Macaroni & Cheese - Real homemade comfort food prepared with real milk, butter3 cheeses & BACON!!!

Gary's Smoked Baked Beans - The absolute best beans ever!!! Loaded with hickory bacon, onion and a secret sweet ingredient. Cooked long & slow on the
smoker for maximum flavor...

Seasoned Fried Rice - Stir fried in our cast iron skillet with lots of "garden fresh" veggies, special seasoning and a hint of Teriyaki.

Broasted (Baked / Roasted) Potato - Tender baked potato encrusted with olive oil and special seasonings, then broiled to create a delicious crusty shell.

Stir Fried Vegetables - Garden fresh seasonal veggies lightly seasoned and stir fried in a cast iron skillet to perfection.

Fettuccini Alfredo - Rich, creamy & delicious, made with lots of veggies.


Sweet Treatsm$7.95

Lemon Cake & Lemon Frosting w/ Citrus Zest & A Lime Drizzle then served over vanilla ice cream. This homemade delight has quickly become the house favorite.

A rich homemade Brownie served with vanilla ice cream, fruit and Chocolate Merlot Sauce.

Bananas Foster is a delicious frosty treat served with a sinful caramel sauce made with Grand Marnier, brown sugar & other spices.

Dutch oven Cobbler (peach or apple) w/ caramel drizzle served plain or over vanilla ice cream.


Donna's Sunrise Team$5.95

A Lodge Kitchen Specialty - Donna's light, healthy and refreshing brew of orange and Black Pekoe tea with mint, honey, orange & ginger. Served cold
or hot in a carafe. A MUST HAVE!!!


Soft Drinksm$2.00

Pepsi * Sprite * Mountain Dew * Dr. Pepper * Orange * Lemonade

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